Stay At Home Yoga

In many parts of the world people are stuck in their homes. This is very important to flatten the curve in order to protect everyone, and ourselves. So #Stayathome, but while you do, this page will be filled with resources that could inspire you!

Stay At Home Yoga

Yoga or Pilates are easy daily exercises you can do at home which are not only good for your body, but also for your mind! At Let’s Explore, we do not practice Yoga normally, but it may just be one of the new skills we would like explore more, and it is a good activity for all the family members to do together, or something you can do for yourself during your little me-time!

But where to start if you have never practiced yoga before? We love this video that Sabine and Marco from Puricious made for us! Yoga for beginners with exercises you can just do here right in front of your screen! Enjoy!

If you liked this video, you may want to check out Sabine and Marco’s Puricious website: They also have their own YouTube channel where you can find more of their videos!

Special Yoga for kids!

Clare from Raison d’hetre teaches yoga, and even ‘flying yoga’ to children from her space in a beautiful small village in Switzerland. She made a great Yoga in the woods video for your kids to enjoy:

To find out more about Clare’s yoga classes, and to participate in special Charity Children’s Yoga sessions for which all proceeds go to the HUG Foundation of the Geneva University Hospitals, check out her website:!


Lynn from One Pilates Studio shows us how your children could stretch and learn to sit better up right during confinement when a lot of children are probably more often on their screens…

To find out more about Lynn’s Pilates studio, and about the Kids colour coded cards which are even used at some schools in Geneva, check out her website:

Check out our main Stay at Home Page for other videos on various subjects.


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