Lac Bleu Hike, a beautiful blue lake in the Valais

Lac Bleu Hike Arolla

Switzerland has more than one very blue lake and obviously Lac Bleu is one of them. We had already been to Blausee near Kandersteg in the German speaking part of Switzerland, but Lac Bleu, in the French speaking part had also been on our Swiss bucket list for a while! Lac Bleu is located near Arolla in the Val d’Herens valley in the Region of Evolène. The area is particularly beautiful in autumn because of the yellow larch trees, but honestly probably beautiful in all seasons. In summer, people sometimes swim in Lac Bleu.

We went just before the trees completely changed colors, but the first signs of Autumn were already there. The hike to the lake is short and a bit steep, but the views over the mountains, and the beauty of the lake make it very much worth it!

The Lac Bleu Hike

The classical Lac Bleu Hike starts in La Gouille. To get to Lac Bleu from La Gouille, the path is very well indicated with signs you cannot miss and it’s about a 40 minutes climb up. Just before arriving at Lac Bleu, you will see one little mountain restaurant called ‘Chez Leon’ which is a good place for refreshments.

You can also bring your own picnic to Lac Bleu as you will find some picnic tables on site, or you can just sit near the lake. The lake has a small waterfall and offers a Swiss postcard view on the surrounding mountain peaks.

To hike back to La Gouille, you can take the same route back, or hike for a bit longer to make the hike a round loop one. To do so, you just choose the path behind the Chez Leon mountain restaurant, which will take you down to La Gouille while enjoying a very beautiful view. This path is slightly longer, but less steep. Count approximately an hour to get back down to La Gouille.

Hiking Map to Lac Bleu from La Gouille

This is the map of our classical round loop Lac Bleu hike from La Gouille. For some reason the timing said on the map is not correct. I would say 1 hour and 45 minutes total for the hike. For an interactive version of the map you can click here.

Several Hikes lead to Lac Bleu

For longer hikes, you can also reach Lac Bleu from Arolla, or from Les Haudères where we were staying. Hiking from Les Haudères on a 2h30 trail was our first option, but we didn’t check our map correctly and ended up hiking a steep hike to Roc Vieux! Can you believe it?! So, top tip: always check the map!

The Val d’Hérens region

We highly recommend an overnight stay if you would like to visit the Val d’Hérens region, as this area offers a multitude of options on hiking trails and sites to see. When you are driving towards the Val d’Hérens, you will also pass the interesting Pyramides d’Euseigne. These earth pyramids are protected monuments and date from the end of the ice age! The road will even lead you right through them…

Another interesting site to visit, accessible through a short hike, is Ferpècle. We loved walking around in this lunar landscape! You can check out all the information on this hike in our article on Ferpècle.

Where to stay when visiting Val d’Hérens

We found a typical Swiss hotel in the hamlet Les Haudères. The hotel is run by a very friendly family who will happily give you all the tips you need for your stay or your hikes. The hotel also has a beautiful Spa area with a jacuzzi, a terrace with a view, and a sauna. There is an on site restaurant with regional dishes. You can check our hotel recommendation here.

More beautiful Swiss lakes

If you would love to discover more beautiful Swiss lakes, then our article on the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland, created with other Swiss-based families could be an interesting read for you as well!

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