Stay At Home Meditation

In many parts of the world people are stuck in their homes. This is very important to flatten the curve in order to protect everyone, and ourselves. So #Stayathome, but while you do, this page will be filled with resources that could inspire you!

Stay At Home Meditation

Meditation can be a useful tool to maintain our Mental Health. At Let’s Explore, we usually maintain our mental health by our hikes, and by daydreaming on a quiet mountain top while enjoying the view. Now that everyone stays at home, it can be good to have some alternatives to get rid of anxiety and stress, or for families to create a happy place at home.

Here are two short videos that give you tools on meditation. The first video is from Maricela from the Meditation Fairy, and tells us about a Gratitude Technique that you can try with your children.

For more information on how to get your kids from Attitude to Gratitude, or from Moanville to HappyTown, check out the Meditation Fairy website which has more good tools to do this:

The second video is a short Mindfulness practice with Samantha from Sati House. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware and engage with the present moment.

To learn more about the Mindfulness trainings from Samantha, you can find more information on her website:

For more videos on various subjects: check out our main Stay at Home Page


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