The Netherlands

The Netherlands with kids

Travelling with children in the Netherlands is easy. The Dutch are very used to seeing children in restaurants and everywhere you go, children are always taken into account. It is not without a reason that Dutch children are often named the happiest kids in the world! Everywhere in the Netherlands there is a big selection of fun museums where children can touch and do things. There are animal farms throughout the country where children can feed goats, see cows, and help make cheese.  Of course, there are a lot of fun activities regardless of what weather you will have once you are there! The transportation system in the Netherlands is reliable but in most places renting a bike is your best option as children will love the bike ride! Depending on your children’s age you can either rent them their own bike, or go for a cargo bike! No worries, the cargo bikes come with protective covers in case of rain so your little ones will be protected, only mom and dad will get wet 😊.

What to eat?

Sometimes people tell me: if you wouldn’t have said it, I would’t have known to order it!

When you are in the Netherlands you should eat ‘bitterballen’ (a crusty fried ball with a ragout of meat inside) or order a ‘broodje kroket’ at lunch time in a restaurant. It is sort of the same thing, but the bitterbal is a snack, to order on a terrace, with a white beer in the summer time, and a ‘broodje kroket’ is more a lunch meal. Careful! It’s hot inside! Break it a bit before eating it…

Of course you should eat Dutch cheese when you are in the Netherlands. Old cheese and cheese with different spices.

Say Cheese

Every region has their regional specialties like ‘Fries suikerbrood’ in the north, ‘Drenthse Turf’ in Drenthe and ‘Zeeuwse bolus’ in Zeeland. All worth a try!

Typical Dutch food in the winter are ‘stamppotten’ (mashed potatoes with a variety of vegetables) like Boerenkool stamppot (Kale stew). Stamppotten are mainly eaten in winter time to warm up and get loads of energy. My children love it!

You can check out the recipe for Boerenkool Stamppot:

For breakfast Dutch children often eat bread with sprinkles on it. They come in lots of sorts, and it could be a nice thing to take some home with you.


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