Lucerne is surrounded by beautiful mountain tops and is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne. It is about 3 hours by car from Geneva and has one of the most child friendly museums in Switzerland, the Swiss Museum of Transport. The museum says it’s ‘open to discoverers’ and I totally agree, because there are a lot of activities for children where they can touch and do things.


The museum has a large screen movie theatre, a planetarium, an attraction called the Swiss Chocolate Adventure to learn all about chocolate, a big aerial photograph of Switzerland where you can walk on and learn about Swiss geography at the same time, and of course it has trains, cars and planes for children to discover.  Kids can also drive some cool miniature vehicles for themselves, be a passenger on a miniature train or slide down from a plane!

Apart from the Museum of Transport we also visited the beautiful medieval city centre of Lucerne with amongst others the well-known Chapel Bridge, the Spreuer Bridge, and the beautiful lake side.


We were only there for one weekend but I think we should come back to Lucerne!

Lucerne hotel

We stayed in this hotel, which was family friendly: