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5 best beaches near Saint-Raphaёl

Are you on a holiday near Saint-Raphaёl on the Côte d’Azur and would you like to know which beach to go to? Here’s our selection of 5 best beaches for you to try out!

1. Calanque du Petit Canereit, Antheor

A beautiful, natural spot away from the crowds, without facilities. This beach is located between Agay and Théoule-sur-Mer, just after passing Antheor Plage and the train bridge. You will see a small parking lot on the right side of the scenic road. Come early in the morning to have a parking spot, and if you are really lucky, to have the beach all to yourself like we had one morning. Steep stairs lead you down to the beach, do-able with children, bring water, your water shoes, and your picnic! Snorkeling gear is also really good to bring as it is a beach with stones and a lot of fish can be seen! The second time we were there, at around 13 o’clock, at boat stopped to sell drinks and ice-cream, just in time for our dessert after the picnic! The captain of the boat said he came there every day, so do bring some money just in case. This beach is definitely one of our preferred spots!

2. Plage du Débarquement, Saint-Raphaёl


This beach is our top spot for snorkeling! An amazing amount of fish can be seen, even very close to the beach. It’s certainly because this beach has no sand but big rocks, so bring your water shoes and your snorkeling gear! We had never seen so many fish in one place in the Mediterranean before! You will see a lot of people walk around with the Decathlon snorkeling masks that have become so popular 😊. There are lifeguards on this beach, public toilets, and there is a restaurant. The view on the famous landmark of Saint-Raphaёl, l’Ile d’Or, is best from this beach, and we like to bring our stand-up paddles and paddle around the island. Paddling around the island and back to the beach takes about 35 minutes and my husband has done it with our 10 year old. The island is private property, so you cannot go on the island.

3. Tiki plage, or Plage de Camp Long, Agay


This beach, located between Agay and Saint-Raphaёl, is also known as the ‘Plage de Camp Long’. It is a creek with a nice beach with a mixture of sand and small stones. You can walk around the creek on a small foot path carved into the typical red rocks of the Estérel mountains that end up in the sea. The parking lot is relatively big compared to smaller creeks located along the well-known ‘Route de la Corniche d’Or’. The beach has a restaurant, a snack corner, a small shop, showers, public toilets, and rental of stand-up paddles, kayaks and pedal boats. Children are at ease to swim here as the water does not go steep down immediately. They can of course also search for crabs along the rocks around the creek. Tiki plage is definitely one of our preferred beaches!

4. Calanque des Anglais, Agay

Another beautiful, small beach, with typical red stones from the red rocks of the Estérel mountains. If you go all the way to the ‘official sign’ indicating the ‘Calanque des Anglais’, access to the beach is a bit more difficult then when you park at the stairs just before. From those stairs, the beach is accessible with children as well. Like all the ‘calanques’ beaches, come early and don’t forget water shoes and snorkeling gear!

5. Saint-Aygulf


This wide beach is our best spot for real sand and building sand castles! It is also the perfect beach with small children as the water is very shallow for a long while. There are parking lots along the road on both sides (payed parking). Since it is quite a long beach, there are several different beach bars and restaurants. What we like to do after a couple of hours on the beach, is go to the beach front where there are several restaurants and bars right on the beach. Some have really nice terraces! The little center also has a big shop with everything you would need for the beach, inflatable toys, beach towels, they have everything! Just don’t go to the beach near the center, as it tends to get too crowded at the end of the day. The beach is long enough to pick a spot before the town center.

Would you like to see some of the beaches as seen from above? Check out our drone video of the beautiful coast line:

Beach cleanup

A walk on the beach in the Netherlands always makes me happy. It clears your head and the surroundings are beautiful. The kids can run in the wind, jump off the dunes and they can play the ‘does the wave wet my shoes or not game’. But still, to make them contribute to a beach cleanup gives them a whole other level of understanding, and if you do a cleanup every once in a while, when you walk in nature, it may just teach them to be responsible themselves later on.

They will transform it into a treasure hunt, and they may oblige you to finally bring a treasure or two home with you (we are the proud owners of a very rusty boat propellor), but it does really teach them something valuable, and they do realize it is ridiculous what people leave in nature… Straws, bottles, plastic bags, bags with dog poo (seriously if you clean up your dog’s poo, and put it in a plastic bag, why do you leave it on the beach afterwards?). We also found a whole box of medicines, and finally, a lost Iphone that we brought back to the beach bar hoping it would then be reunited with its owner.

The children seemed a bit more aware of the trash problem and I think that in summer, when we spend even more time on the beach, they will run after their empty cookie wrapping in case the wind picks it up. Or at least, I hope so!

A day trip to Murten and Avenches, Switzerland

Murten (or Morat in French), is a beautiful Swiss medieval village on the shores of lake Murtensee in the Fribourg Canton in Switzerland. Murten has a beautiful long town wall you can walk on while you take in the views, either of the brown rooftops of the city, or of the beautiful lake. Close to Murten you will also find the town Avenches, which is located in the Vaud Canton, and which has very well-preserved Roman ruins.


Murten is a picturesque small town, on the border of the German and French speaking parts of Switzerland, which can easily be explored by foot. Murten has beautiful streets with shady arcades which could remind you a bit of the center of Bern, fountains decorated with flowers, and a castle with nice black and white window shutters. There is a small road called ‘Stadtgraben’ which leads you behind houses and along the beautiful gardens. At several points you will also see stairs to access the beautiful medieval city walls. The city walls are quite long and well preserved and walking on the walls is a must-do in Murten.

Museum Murten

Murten has a nice local museum which is located in the building of an old water mill. You will find local history in this museum, but also temporary exhibitions.

What to eat in Murten?

Even though Murten is a small town, it even has its own culinary specialty, the Nidelkuchen. Nidelkuchen is a delicious cream pie, with the upper cream layer which has a bit of caramel flavor. Very delicious! Highly recommended to buy a slice at a local bakery and eat it by the lake.


If you visit Murten in summer, you may want to go for a swim in lake Murtensee! There are several beaches on the lake, and there is also a place which combines a swimming pool and the lake. The local swimming pool of Murten has a play area for kids on the lake with a playground, stairs to easily enter the lake, floating platforms to jump in the lake, and a fun zipline.

Excursions close to Murten

Avenches and its Roman ruins

Avenches is very close to Murten and can easily be visited on the same trip. Avenches, which was called Aventicum in Roman times, has a very well-preserved Amphitheater where 16.000 people could watch gladiator fights or shows. Nowadays the Amphitheater normally hosts music festivals in summer. You can visit the Amphitheater, the museum located on-site, or head out a bit further from the town center to visit the old city walls or the Roman baths.

Papillorama in Kerzers

Another easy combination with a visit to Murten, and fun for kids, is a visit to the Papillorama in Kerzers. Papillorama is a big tropical garden where more than 1.000 butterflies fly. Papillorama also has a playground and picknick areas.

More information:

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Things to do in Nyon, Switzerland

Nyon is a beautiful small town on the shores of Lac Léman, between Geneva and Lausanne, in the Canton Vaud. Nyon has a castle which overlooks the town and the lake, nice museums, cute small streets, and a beach. Tintin comicbook lovers may also recognize some spots from the well-known story ‘The Calculus Affair’.

Here are our favorite things to do in Nyon:

The Castle of Nyon

The Castle of Nyon towers over the city and offers stunning views over the lake. You can just enjoy the view from the castle terrace which is free of access, but it is definitely worth it to visit the castle itself as well! Most intriguing part of the castle to visit are the prison cells on the top floor. There are quite a few cells, writings on the wall, and objects of the guards. The more you go up the castle stairs, the better the view of course.

Roman Museum

Nyon was a very important settlement in Roman times. A lot of Roman treasures were found in the city, but not all is accessible to the public. Some objects that were found can now be seen in the small Roman museum in Nyon. It doesn’t take long to visit this museum, but it is very interesting, and a short video will explain you this part of the history of Nyon.

Musée du Léman, a museum about the history and life of the lake

Has there once been a Tsunami on Lake Geneva? What kind of fish live in the lake? All this, and more, can be found in the very cute, and kid friendly Musée du Léman, which was one of our favorite museums when our kids were younger. There are aquariums where the fish can be seen, there are old boats, there is a submarine and a rescue boat simulator that kids will be able to get into for some fun! The top floor is mainly educational for kids to learn about the lake and the environment. The Musée du Léman often has temporary art exhibitions which are usually very good, and they organize a lot of activities for kids in summer.

One ticket for 3 museums:

If you buy your ticket in one of the 3 museums, the other 2 are for free! No need to do them all in the same day though, as the ticket for the other 2 museums will remain valid for 12 months. The first Sunday of the month, all 3 museums are for free.

Tintin in Nyon, the Calculus Affair

In the footsteps of Tintin. If you are a comic book lover, and you have the classic ‘The Calculus Affair’ on your bookshelf, then have a good look at some of the spots which you will recognize in Nyon. The green benches by the lake side, or the ‘Fontaine du Maitre-Jacques’ in Rue de Rive.

Where to eat in Nyon with kids


In the Rue du Rive, which is the old town street just behind the lake front, you will find a pancake restaurant where you could easily enjoy lunch with kids. The street is a limited traffic zone. Tac-oh Creperie, Rue du Rive 54.


Then, just a few steps further, a nice Italian Gelateria called Venezia (Rue du Rive 44) with plenty of choice in flavors, and you can then just enjoy your ice-cream by the lake.

Auberge du Chateau, Italian Restaurant

Behind the castle in Nyon, on the Place du Chateau, there is also a restaurant with a nice big terrace on a wide town square. This is also a limited traffic zone, and so we had our kids play on the square where we could see them when they were smaller.

Plage de Nyon, let’s go to the beach

We like the small public beach in Nyon, but parking close by is very limited. There is a beach restaurant, a small paddling pool, toilets and a public shower.

Playgrounds in Nyon

On both sides of the Musée du Léman there are parks and playgrounds. There is also another one on the side of the lake a bit further down.

Puces de Nyon, the flea market

We used to love walking around on the flea market along the lake in Nyon which is held every last Sunday of the month. In 2020, due to the extraordinary situation, some editions of this monthly market have been cancelled, and normally the next market is held on the last Sunday of the month of September.

Take a boat to Yvoire, France

 Right from the center of Nyon, you can take a boat across the lake to the French medieval town Yvoire. The trip to cross takes about 20 minutes.

Parking in Nyon

We usually park in the main parking along the lake in Nyon called Parking de la Duche (rue de Rive 72). The advantage is that you are immediately in the center and the old town. You can walk up to the castle, or take the elevator up, which will almost get you at the level of the castle.

Geneva to Nyon by train

Trains from Geneva to Nyon run frequently (about every half hour) and the trip lasts for about 15 minutes.

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Lac de Joux, a pearl in the Jura, Vaud

Do you like swimming in a Swiss lake, or stand up paddle boarding, but you sometimes feel the Lac Léman near Geneva gets too crowded? The ‘Lac de Joux’ in the Jura in Switzerland makes for a great alternative on a sunny day!

We recently went to the beautiful Lac de Joux, the biggest lake in the Jura mountains. The Lac de Joux is 9 kilometers long and is located at 1004m altitude. The lake is surrounded by nature, a real piece of paradise! A small footpath leads you along the lake, offering plenty of shade and space. Some areas have public grills and picknick tables. Of course, it will have to be a matter of timing and luck to have one available, but a lot of people just grill their lunch on open fire around the lake!

The lake is a known spot for ice-skating in cold winters when the lake freezes up, but in the summer you can of course swim in the lake, and the lake temperature can reach about 24 degrees. This was not yet the case when we went, but our son did take a swim.

The Lac de Joux is in the Canton Vaud in Switzerland, and it takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes from Geneva to get there. Before you reach the lake, you will pass scenic, curvy  mountain roads, and villages with terraces and restaurants on the Col de Marchairuz.

We aimed towards the Parking ‘Pointe de Sable’ as that triangle shaped beach is half rocks and half sand, and we knew there would be picknick tables there. We parked at the small parking lot, and continued by foot, but in the end, we found a perfect place where a grill was available just before reaching the Point de sable beach.

The parking lot of Pointe de Sable is not very big, but we did find a spot easily. It probably will get a bit busier on warm summer days, but we imagine still less crowded than our close by Lac Léman beaches.

Insider tip: just before you arrive, on your right hand side at the fromagerie Les Landes, there is a 24H vending machine with Swiss delicacies like local cheese, fondue, and méringues with Gruyère double cream. Perfect to add to your picknick. Address: Rue du village 1, Solliat. The machine only takes cash, so make sure you have cash at hand!

Other tip: if you have sensitive feet, as most beaches are not only sand, bring your watershoes.

Another lake very close to Lac de Joux is Lac Brenet. We haven’t tested that one yet, but we may do that over summer as well.

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Bisses du Valais, an Easy Family Hike in Nendaz, Switzerland

The Bisses, the historic irrigation channels, are part of the culture in the Valais region in Switzerland. Their history sometimes even goes back to the 13th century. Many Bisses can be found in different villages and they offer a vast itinerary of walking trails by following the Bisses. Nendaz has several Bisses right in the village, which lead from Haute-Nendaz to Basse-Nendaz and which serve to water the pastures and raspberry fields in the village. Walking along the Bisses is definitely a good idea on a warm summer day, as the paths mostly lead you through forests in the shade. Along the Bisses walks in Nendaz, there are some spectacular viewpoints on the Alps which definitely remind you that you are in the mountains!

The Bisses walks in Nendaz are mainly flat, and so this is an easy and accessible family hike! Do check out the length of the hike you would like to do. If you did not choose a round loop, there are Postbus lines that can bring you back to Nendaz. A map of the Bisses trails can be found at the Tourism Office.

Bisse du Milieu and Bisse Vieux

We went on a 3,5 hour walk by combining 2 Bisses, the Bisse du Milieu, and the Bisse Vieux. This is a round loop, and there are some picknick tables along the way. Both Bisses are beautiful, but if we would choose only one, we would choose the Bisse Vieux.

The hike starts right in front of the Tourist Office in Nendaz, where you will see the yellow signs which will lead you to Bisse du Milieu. You follow the Bisse through the forest for a couple of kilometers until you get to Planchouet. Right where the walking path will shortly cross with the Bisse the Vex, you will see signs that can lead you to some of the mountain restaurants on Planchouet.

Your hike continues from Planchouet by following the signs to Bisse Vieux, which will lead you back down to Nendaz. At some areas along Bisse Vieux, you can see how well maintained and well thought of the Bisses system is, moving the water down, and showing a system of opening and closing little locks to make the water go into another direction if needed.

How to get to Nendaz

When you arrive in Nendaz, the tourism office is right on the little roundabout at the entrance of the village. This is where your hike starts!

To Nendaz by public transport

You can go to Sion by train and take a bus to Nendaz from the train station.

Bisses walk in Crans-Montana

Crans-Montana also has 5 Bisses walks. We did the walk along the Bisse du Tsittoret in Crans-Montana a long time ago. The starting point is in the area Vermala and it gets you along the Eco-museum Colombire where you can learn all about life in the valley and the traditional Mayens houses, and which has an on-site restaurant. You then continue your walk along the Bisse waterway towards a beautiful waterfall, la Tièche. You will find a little mountain restaurant right by the waterfall (Buvette du Sex, not our fault, that is what it is called…). You can choose to hike up the path next to the waterfall to get some more spectacular mountain views!

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Lac de Taney Hike, Valais, Switzerland

A steep, but short and very rewarding hike which will lead you to a beautiful turquoise mountain lake in the Chablais region in the Valais in Switzerland. The Lac de Taney is a mountain lake surrounded by the Jumelles mountains and the Grammont in Vouvry.

Once you are there, you can picnic by the lake, use one of the public barbecues, swim in the lake in summer, eat at one of the cute mountain restaurants by the lake, or even sleep in a Refuge. The color of the lake is the most beautiful when the sun shines; the water then gets a really beautiful turquoise color.

The hike towards Lac de Taney is a popular hike, and it can get busy on sunny days, so make sure you go early to get a parking spot at the start of the hike.

From the parking lot, you will have 2 choices, the steep hike, or the really steep hike. One goes through the forest and gets you up there quicker, the other one goes by the road and moves up gentler but is still only steep up. We chose that one, but you can still change your mind along the way as both paths cross each other on several occasions. The hike by the road will take you somewhere between 1 hour and 1h20 going up. Once you see the sign of the Col de Taney, the climbing stops and you arrive on a cute alpine meadow with typical Swiss houses and further on a cute alpine church called ‘Notre dame de la neige’. A beautiful postcard scenery! You then just continue to walk towards the lake which unfolds its beauty as you approach. If you would still like to continue to walk, you can also hike around the lake.

Height at departure point: 1030m

Height at the lake: 1408m

For the way back down towards the parking, with kids it is recommended to take the road and not the forest path as some points going down on that one can be tricky.

Legends of the lake

In history, Lac de Taney has its own monster legend: La Vouivre de Vouvry, which is about a flying dragon-snake like creature with only one eye which was a big diamond. A man from the village of Vouvry apparently was able to steel the diamond while the creature was bathing, and eventually capture the creature. One of the mountain huts on the lake is called La Vouivre.

Mountain huts at the Lac de Taney

There are some very inviting mountain restaurants right by the lake.

Auberge Refuge La Vouivre: beautiful location and nice terrace to eat. It also is a Refuge so you can sleep here as well:

Refuge du Grammont: seemed like a perfect place to spend the night as well, but we haven’t tried it out for ourselves yet. Prices seemed good and they include dinner and breakfast.

Restaurant la Ptite Auberge: this restaurant is the first one you will pass towards the lake, but it was still closed when we were there:

Lac de Taney

How to get there:

From Geneva to Vouvry is about 1h30 by car. Once in Vouvry, you will need to follow the road onwards to Miex. This is quite a narrow and winding mountain road which lasts for about 15 minutes. Just after passing the village Miex, you will see the Parking du Flon. This is where you park.

In case you want to go, but you don’t want to do the steep hike, there is a 4 wheel drive taxi service with a number to call from the parking lot.

By public transport: Vouvry is accessible by train, and the Swiss Postbus can take you to the start of the hike. Take bus until the last stop: Miex-Le Flon

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Summer Holiday in Switzerland

Switzerland is beautiful! In this crazy year, you may have had other plans… but if you live in Switzerland and now hope to at least enjoy a Swiss Summer Holiday, then we have plenty of suggestions for you! Whether you are looking for longer stays, short stays, or day trips. Here are our suggestions on how to spend your summer holiday in Switzerland!

Of course, there is no way to predict at this point to which extent we will be able to enjoy swimming, or other activities, but in case social distancing is still necessary this summer, there is no better place than in the Swiss mountains. There are plenty of hiking trails for everyone.

Berner Oberland

Green hills, hiking trails, and mysterious mountain lakes. We love the Berner Oberland region! We went to the Kander Valley, near Kandersteg, where you can visit the Instafamous lake Blausee, but also one of Switzerland’s hidden gems Lake Oeschinensee! You can either walk straight to the lake, and spend a lazy summer day grilling something on a fire by the lake side, or you can do a beautiful hike around the lake, which is quite a steep, and sometimes narrow hike, but takes you to beautiful meadows on the other side with some nice mountain restaurants. For all the information on this trip, check out our article on the Kander Valley: The Kander Valley in Bernese Oberland

Lake Oeschinen

Gstaad: hike and a fondue in a giant fondue pot!

How Swiss does it get?

We love the mountains around Gstaad, which is also in the Berner Oberland region! After picking up your Swiss Fondue backpack at one of the dairy shops, you can hike on one of the paths with a fondue pot to enjoy a Cheese Fondue in the outdoors with the best view in the world! We hiked towards Lake Lauenensee, which was really beautiful. To complete the total Swiss feeling, we took the yellow postbus back to Gstaad from the lake. Is the fondue pot occupied when you arrive? No problem, you can just basically sit anywhere in nature to enjoy your Fondue with a View.

We loved the village Saanen which is right next to Gstaad and has beautiful typical wooden chalet houses with lots of flowers.

To read al our tips on the Gstaad area: Gstaad in summer

Gruyères, with the Moléson mountains and the Gorges de la Jogne

Gruyères has always attracted lots of tourists. A stroll around the town is always nice, and the castle is a beautiful one to visit. What we love most is the area around Gruyères, the Moléson mountain with its cute cogwheel train up, the hiking paths, and the alpine restaurant where you can eat some delicious cheese specialties. Close by, you can enjoy beautiful thermal baths, and an adventurous hike along the Gorges the la Jogne where the hiking trail takes you through walking tunnels and over wooden bridges. Here is our full article on Gruyères: A visit to Gruyères in Switzerland

Valais, Wallis Region

The Wallis region (or Valais in French), is a perfect region for a holiday in nature! Many cute villages to choose from, with many family hiking possibilities! There are a lot of traditional wooden mountain huts, there are historical water runs called ‘bisses’ to follow, and the region is perfect for a Swiss Family Holiday. We went to several parts in the Wallis region, sometimes in winter to ski, and sometimes in Summer. We’ve hiked the bisses in Crans-Montana, and we have visited the beautiful World Nature Forum in Naters.

Viewpoint on the Aletsch Glacier

One very family friendly Swiss mountain holiday we could definitely recommend is the area around Blatten Belalp. You can read all about what to do in Blatten in our article here: Blatten – Belalp


On a day trip, or while on holiday in Switzerland, there are some beautiful castles to visit all over the country. We have made a selection of castles to visit in Switzerland together with several Swiss based families. So if your kids like knights and princesses, check out which castle to visit on a day trip!


Lucerne is often named one of the most beautiful cities of Switzerland! Ideally located on the lake, and with the impressive bridge Kappellbrücke. This wooden medieval bridge is covered with flowers in the summer season, and you can admire the old paintings on the bridge.

Lucerne is also home to one of the coolest Swiss Museums to visit with kids: the Swiss Museum of Transport, where you could easily spend a whole day!

Montreux, go up and enjoy the view! 

In Montreux you can combine the lake view, with a scenic mountain train ride up to Rochers-de-Naye. In Winter, this mountain top gets all Christmassy, because Santa installs his office here, but in summer, the marmots take over Rochers-de-Naye. You can combine the scenic train ride with a visit to Marmot Paradise: Montreux Riviere Marmot’s Paradise


Everyone should at least go once! The view from this town on the Swiss most iconic mountain just sparks happiness! During the Covid crisis, the famous mountain became even more the country’s symbol by the projection of country or regions flags to spark hope during difficult times. We went to Zermatt and all loved it and we definitely would like to go back for some summer hiking.


The Ticino region comes closest to a Mediterranean holiday! The palm trees, the food, the relaxed atmosphere… Yes, this is Switzerland too! Difficult to tell how accessible the Ticino region will be this summer, but if it is, they will definitely need the support and love of local Swiss tourists as well. We have been to the Ticino on different vacations, once in the area of Lugano, and on another recent trip the beautiful area of Ascona, Locarno and the Valle Verzasca. Ticino has surprised us on every trip. Even though it may get busy at Valle Verzasca, we have also been to very lonely valleys with impressive waterfalls. We definitely recommend you to check that out: Ticino: Ascona – Locarno – Valle Verzasca


Taking you from nature, to a small city. The Swiss Capital of Bern is definitely worth a visit! Have you been already? We have been several times and love the atmosphere, the cafés under the porticoes, and the big cultural offer of the city. From Einstein to Paul Klee, and the cool Museum of Communications which is fun for adults and for kids.

Check out our: Things to do in Bern article for all our tips!

Wild Camping with Mountful Hikes

Yes, but want if I want real social distancing? Mountain guide Famke of Mountful Hikes and her dog Olle organize a wild camping trip this summer! So if you are ready to hike and plant your tent somewhere in nature, then check out Famke’s camping trip details on her website: Wild Camping in Wallis

Ticino camping with Basecamp Europe

Would you like to camp in the Ticino region, but not carry all the equipment? Check out Basecamp Europe who offers Zero Hassle Camping! They deliver your camping gear to the agreed spot, or, you can even ask them to set up the tent for you! Basecamp Europe also offers tours, and Hassle Free Picnic lunches in the Lugano area!

For more information, check out the Basecamp Europe Website.

CFF Day passes

Every Swiss resident can order Swiss Public Transport day passes from their commune at reduced price! You have to pick your day in advance and head over to your towns website to order them. With this day pass, you can hop on every train, Swiss boat, and get discounts for mountain lifts or cogwheel trains. With this pass you can basically do a long Swiss trip in one day, so remember to take full advantage of that! The price varies per town, but is around CHF 40 for an adult.

Other Family Day Trips in Switzerland

From Geneva, we once went to Papillorama near Bern once with the CFF day pass. The train stops right in front of this beautiful ‘butterfly and more’ parc.

Swiss Vapeur Parc in Bouveret, Zoo and swimming pool les Marécottes in Salvan, or thermal baths like Bains de Saillon are all very good trips for families in Switzerland. Of course, we do not know yet to which extent we can enjoy them this summer. Time will tell. Be patient, but add them to your families Swiss Trips List!

Geneva, and Family Hikes around Geneva

We love Geneva in summer! Unfortunately, the new Eaux-Vives beach will not open as planned this year, due to the delay in works. But we still have Bains des Paquis, and who knows if the beautiful French Rivièra style beach café on the lakeside will open again. In any case, there still is a lot to enjoy in Geneva in summer!

Have you done all the things in our Geneva article already? And how about our selection of hikes around Geneva? Family Hikes around Geneva

Swiss Bucket List

At Let’s Explore we also have ‘work to do’ this summer. We already had our Swiss Bucket List, which always keeps growing, but we also have ticked a few things off that list since we had published it! This summer, we definitely hope to do some more things on our list!

Swiss Food to try this summer

Ok, but you were dreaming of Spanish tapas, Italian Gelato, or Portuguese desserts? Do you know Swiss Food Culture is actually really interesting? It is very diverse and really changes per Canton. So how about you try some local dishes during your domestic travel over summer? We have written an article about Swiss Food, and it is by far not complete as even for Swiss it is difficult to know all the local dishes around the country. Our list is for the moment a bit oriented to the French speaking part, but we may add some new ones in the course of the summer: Swiss Food Article

Not convinced by the food: well, you can always cook dishes from over the world and enjoy them on a Swiss mountain top. After all, after all the weeks of lockdown, if we can travel domestically, we think we just all have to count our blessings.

What is your favorite part of Switzerland to travel to?

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Stay At Home Yoga

In many parts of the world people are stuck in their homes. This is very important to flatten the curve in order to protect everyone, and ourselves. So #Stayathome, but while you do, this page will be filled with resources that could inspire you!

Stay At Home Yoga

Yoga or Pilates are easy daily exercises you can do at home which are not only good for your body, but also for your mind! At Let’s Explore, we do not practice Yoga normally, but it may just be one of the new skills we would like explore more, and it is a good activity for all the family members to do together, or something you can do for yourself during your little me-time!

But where to start if you have never practiced yoga before? We love this video that Sabine and Marco from Puricious made for us! Yoga for beginners with exercises you can just do here right in front of your screen! Enjoy!

If you liked this video, you may want to check out Sabine and Marco’s Puricious website: They also have their own YouTube channel where you can find more of their videos!

Special Yoga for kids!

Clare from Raison d’hetre teaches yoga, and even ‘flying yoga’ to children from her space in a beautiful small village in Switzerland. She made a great Yoga in the woods video for your kids to enjoy:

To find out more about Clare’s yoga classes, and to participate in special Charity Children’s Yoga sessions for which all proceeds go to the HUG Foundation of the Geneva University Hospitals, check out her website:!


Lynn from One Pilates Studio shows us how your children could stretch and learn to sit better up right during confinement when a lot of children are probably more often on their screens…

To find out more about Lynn’s Pilates studio, and about the Kids colour coded cards which are even used at some schools in Geneva, check out her website:

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Stay At Home Meditation

In many parts of the world people are stuck in their homes. This is very important to flatten the curve in order to protect everyone, and ourselves. So #Stayathome, but while you do, this page will be filled with resources that could inspire you!

Stay At Home Meditation

Meditation can be a useful tool to maintain our Mental Health. At Let’s Explore, we usually maintain our mental health by our hikes, and by daydreaming on a quiet mountain top while enjoying the view. Now that everyone stays at home, it can be good to have some alternatives to get rid of anxiety and stress, or for families to create a happy place at home.

Here are two short videos that give you tools on meditation. The first video is from Maricela from the Meditation Fairy, and tells us about a Gratitude Technique that you can try with your children.

For more information on how to get your kids from Attitude to Gratitude, or from Moanville to HappyTown, check out the Meditation Fairy website which has more good tools to do this:

The second video is a short Mindfulness practice with Samantha from Sati House. Mindfulness is the ability to be fully aware and engage with the present moment.

To learn more about the Mindfulness trainings from Samantha, you can find more information on her website:

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Stay at Home Coaching

In many parts of the world people are stuck in their homes. This is very important to flatten the curve in order to protect everyone, and ourselves. So #Stayathome, but while you do, this page will be filled with resources that could inspire you!

Stay at Home Coaching

When we are at home for so long, we may start to ask ourselves several questions, sometimes lead by emotions on the difficult situation, or by our fears. It may also make us get into deeper questions on what we actually want in life. What do you really dream of, and what do you really love to do?

Coach Denise Nickerson gives us a mini-coaching session in below video on our emotions and on the questions we may ask ourselves during this crisis:

Thank you Denise and Michelle from The Integrity System:

More videos on several subjects to come soon, so please check out our main Stay at Home Page

Stay at Home Cooking

In many parts of the world people are stuck in their homes. This is very important to flatten the curve in order to protect everyone, and ourselves. So #Stayathome, but while you do, this page will be filled with resources that could inspire you!

Stay at Home Cooking

It is not always easy these days to find all the ingredients you need to create that dish you were craving for! Also, for some, cooking three meals a day may cause some lack of inspiration!

On this page we will share some recipe videos of dishes with few ingredients, or with ingredients most people do have in their pantry. And in case you don’t have that ingredient… it may still inspire you to cook a meal by replacing that ingredient with an ingredient you do have!

Salade Niçoise

We love the mouth watering photos that Frenchified wife puts on her Instagram feed! We have asked her to create a video with some pantry ingredients, and she came up with a delicious Salade Niçoise. Check out her step by step video, and make sure to have a peek on her Instagram feed: @frenchified_wife


Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse

Dana from Organilicious shares her own Guilt Free Chocolate Mousse recipe which is made with very few ingredients and therefore her perfect soul food for quarantine time:

For more health tips or recipes check out Dana’s website:

Cinnamon Buns

Of course, at Let’s Explore, we also have a lot of recipes, from all over the world!

One of the recipes that requires few ingredients and that gets you a big treat to feed the whole family for dessert, or why not, at breakfast, is our Swedish recipe for delicious Cinnamon Buns. Check out that recipe in the article on: Cinnamon Buns, and see how it’s made in below video:


No Bake Quark Pie

Another recipe of our own, also with easy ingredients! You can never go wrong with this No Bake Quark Pie! Full recipe can be read in our article on What’s Cooking in the Netherlands.


More cooking videos and videos on other subjects will be added soon, so please check out our main Stay at Home Page, and in case your pantry is quite full, you can also check out our World Food series which has recipes cooked with locals from several countries in the world on it.