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World Food

World Food Series

Travelling the world through recipes by locals.

Whether you are actually planning to visit or not… It is ok to dream, right? 😉

When people do plan travelling to a certain country, they usually read books on that destination before they go, but how about also cooking the local food at home to get in the mood for the trip, to discuss it at the dinner table and to dream about the destination as a family? Enrich your family’s knowledge about different countries and cultures through food!

At Let’s Explore, we have been very lucky to have been invited into people’s kitchens, to talk to them and learn about different products, and to have people from further away share their favorite recipes with us. We live in such a diverse society, and we have loved seeing the passion of people sharing their food from home.

Our World Food series brings you actual recipes from locals. The food they miss while living abroad, the recipe of their grandmother, or the most famous dish you and your family would order if you were there. It gets the taste of the country in your mouth and the nice smell of it in your kitchen. How about if you would surprise them, on an ordinary weekend, with a far away dish that they had not expected you to cook at all?

Have a look at below mentioned dishes from other countries. What do they cook for their family? How about if you re-create every dish… I know I will…

The series starts off with three recipes, and one will be added every week, so stay tuned! 😊


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