Olympic Museum Lausanne


How about a day trip to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne? This modern, one of a kind museum tells you the history of the Olympic Games, shows you what life in the Olympic village is like and how the athletes prepare themselves. It took us a while to put our stuff away in the cloakroom since all the lockers have the names of athletes on it and our children wanted to choose the locker of some specific ones 😊.


Inside the museum there are several beautiful movies shown, about concentration, happiness or the sadness of a defeat. There is a nice movie about the opening ceremonies through time. You will be able to see all the different torches that carried the Olympic flame and of course all the medals.


On the -1 level there are also some interactive games to be played and you can test your balance on different balance boards.


There is an art works exhibition of the most recent location and during the Olympics usually some activities with regards to that location.


The museum is located by the lake and the outdoor area has some nice art representing sports and athletes. You will see the Olympic flame and you can test who of your family is the fastest on a 100-meters athletics track.



Nice to combine with a walk on the Lake side in Ouchy!