Grindelwald – First, the Tissot Cliff Walk and the Bachalpsee Hike

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Grindelwald is another beautiful place in the Jungfrau region in Switzerland, and apart from stunning views, it also offers its visitors plenty of activities in summer on the mountain First. A popular hike on top of First is the hike to the Bachalpsee lake, which is one of the many picturesque mountain lakes in Switzerland! For those looking for some fun or thrills, Grindelwald First is a good destination as the Tissot Cliff Walk is located right here, and the First mountain has plenty of alternative suggestions for the way down for you!

Bachalpsee Hike

We first went to the top of First. It was cloudy when we arrived and so we started with our hike to Bachalpsee. Bachalpsee is a beautiful mountain lake, and it can be reached in about 50 minutes from the top of First. It starts with a steep part though. The total elevation gain was about 110m. We ate our picnic by the lake, and the panorama during the hike, and at the lake, is really beautiful. In summer some people swim in the lake, but it is quite cold though. This hike can be done with children, and we even saw some strollers with big wheels. A carrier would still be easier. See photos below to get an idea of the hiking path.

Tissot Cliff Walk at Grindelwald First

We hiked back to the First cable car, and that’s right where the Tissot Cliff Walk is located. The cliff walk is a footbridge along the cliff, with in the middle a viewing platform. Highly recommended if you are not afraid of heights. The Cliff Walk will take you about 15 minutes.

The cable car to Grindelwald First, and different activities

The cable car to First from Grindelwald is a long cable car, and it is very well organized. There are 3 stops during the 25 minutes ride to the top and the activities at each stop are well indicated, including an eventual waiting time for the activities at the stops. There is the First Flyer (a kind of Tyrolienne), the First Glider (in the Flyer you are seated, in the glider you go head first and fly down like a bird), there is a part where you can go down to the next station by mountain kart, and at the last station, Bort, you can take a Trottibike down. Trottibikes are big mountain scooters which are easy to operate. The Trottibike is the activity we did, because the Flyer was closed on the day we went, and our youngest son didn’t have the weight to do it (you have to weigh at least 35 kilos). The Trottibike activity was an activity we loved to do as a family, riding down the mountain while enjoying the beautiful views and green mountain fields. Highly recommended! Minimum required height for this activity is 125cm.

More information on ticket prices for the cable car and the activities in Grindelwald:

The Tissot Cliff Walk is for free.

How to get to Grindelwald

Grindelwald has its train station and therefore can easily be reached. From Lauterbrunnen, we went by train, and that took us about 40 minutes switching trains once.

Grindelwald also has a cable car connection to Männlichen in Wengen from Grindelwald Terminal, so if you are in Grindelwald, check out our article on Wengen as well:

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