Grimentz in the Valais, one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland

Grimentz is a lovely traditional Swiss village in the Val d’Anniviers region of the Canton Valais. Grimentz is rightfully noted as one of the most beautiful villages of Switzerland, with its main street filled with traditional wooden chalet style houses which are full of  Geranium flowers in summer.

Culture and Geraniums in Grimentz

Geranium flowers are important in Grimentz, and it definitely makes the buildings and streets very picturesque. In Grimentz, they even have volunteers who water the flowers to make sure are the plants are blooming beautifully.

Grimentz is a small town and is quickly explored by foot. It has kept its charm and its traditional buildings like a mill, an old house which contains a small museum (la maison de la Grand-Mère), and a sawmill. The fountains of Grimentz are traditionally decorated with wooden statues and small watermills.

Grimentz in summer

Grimentz has a cool pumptrack area where kids will love to ride their scooter or bike, and a playground.

A part from a visit to the village, you can head up the mountains. There are 2 gondolas in Grimentz. A big one which you could use to start a hike towards Lac de Moiry, and a smaller gondola, which takes you up to Bendolla. Up on Bendolla, there are more fun activities for younger kids, but you could also just hike and enjoy a picnic with a view! We hiked towards the waterfall and our kids loved crossing the water while jumping on stones.

Excursion from Grimentz, the Planet Hike in St Luc

Nearby St Luc is a great area for hiking. With kids the Planet Hike, which starts right at the arrival point of the funicular, is a good option as they will be motivated to hike from planet to planet to read, or listen, about the planets as they advance. The audio at each planet’s sign is available in English, French and German. The Planet Trail is a scale model of the solar system with works of art at each planet. In the meanwhile, while walking this trail, you will of course be able to enjoy the beautiful panorama. The hike takes you about 2 hours.

There is a restaurant at the arrival of the funicular for refreshments.

Hotel in Grimentz

We had a lovely hotel in Grimentz, located right between the beautiful main street of the village, and the pumptrack and play area. The hotel is right in front of the gondola. Our kids loved the Spa in the hotel, with the Jacuzzi with a view, and we all enjoyed our dinner at the hotels restaurant.

Our Hotel recommendation:

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