Davos is in the Graubunden region in Switzerland and is surrounded by beautiful mountain tops. It is an outdoor playground in Summer and Winter.
There are many cable cars in Davos and you can for instance take the cute Schatzalp train uphill to go for a beautiful walk, or eat something in the panoramic restaurant while enjoying the beautiful view. A lot of other activities can be done in Davos in summer such as mountainbiking, adventure park climbing and farm visits. In Winter there are of course plenty of skiing facilities but also several sleigh riding slopes.


There is a hotel in the nearby town of Wiesen which is specialized in receiving families with young children. They have daycare facilities, a warm water ‘spa’ area suitable for children, indoor and outdoor playgrounds and in the restaurant they serve healthy food and mixed food for babies and toddlers. We stayed in this hotel when our oldest was a baby, and we were really able to relax here.

The hotel.

Muchetta 2



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