Turin has surprised us!

Turin, in the Piedmont region of Italy, is a beautiful and very family friendly city with lots to see and to do.

The center of the town has a limited traffic area which is very nice and we loved walking on the many covered streets with shops and restaurants on it. We had heard about the Egyptian museum, but we had never heard of the glass panoramic lift that goes up right through Turin’s most famous landmark, Mole Antonelliana. An amazing experience!

Read all about what to do in Turin, and why your family should put this city on their bucket list!

What to do in Turin

Museo Egizio

This was the main reason why we decided to go to Turin. A beautiful and modern museum entirely devoted to ancient Egypt. They have special kids map, and an audio-guide with a ‘family tour’ option. The audio-guide for families tells your children a captivating story while walking through the museum. You can easily spend hours here!

Panoramic lift

This was a really cool thing to do! The panoramic lift is located in Turin’s most famous landmark, the Mole Antonelliana building, where the Museum of Cinema is located.  The lift takes you up to the 85-metres high panoramic terrace where you have a viewpoint over Turin and the surrounding mountains. It is very impressive when the lift passes right through the middle of the wide dome.

Archways, the covered streets

We loved walking around on the covered streets. A lot of shops are located here, as well as restaurants with terraces under the archways. At the end of the afternoon the restaurants displayed a wide selection of antipasti that you could order with your drink.

Of course, there are also plenty of Italian ice-cream shops around 😊.


Kid Friendly City

Turin has limited traffic area’s in the center which makes walking around with kids a lot more enjoyable. On some of the beautiful Piazza’s there was no traffic at all so the kids could play on the Piazza while we had a coffee.

At several locations in the city we have seen signs indicating specifically that the place has a Family Friendly label. Priority access, baby changing tables, lower toilets, and a private area for nursing mothers. Well done Turin!

Where to eat?

We went to the Piazza di Vittorio Veneto for dinner. There are a lot of restaurants located on this Piazza, and we chose to have dinner in the Porto di Savona restaurant which is an authentic family style Italian restaurant. We tried local dishes from the Piedmont region and the children had a very nice children’s menu, with pasta for starters, and then another main course. Even for bigger children this was really enough.

Where to stay?

Turin hotel

Our hotel was located right in the limited traffic area, with a private parking. They have very big rooms and it is located at around 500 meters from the Museo Egizio. Check out our hotel recommendation here.





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