Narcissi Fields at Les Pléiades

Narcissi Fields Pléiades Vevey

Beautiful Spring hike along the Narcissi Fields at Les Pléiades above Vevey

Every year in spring, fields of wild Narcissi start to bloom at several locations in the Montreux Rivièra region in Switzerland. The white carpet of flowers covering the green fields is often called ‘May Snow’. There are several locations to go and see these beautiful flowers. We went on a hike along the Narcissi fields at Les Pléiades, above Vevey in the Canton Vaud. A short hike, but with some steep parts. The breathtaking spring flower fields make it totally worth the hike!

The Spring Hike to the Narcissi Fields needs to be carefully planned. Wild Narcissi bloom between April and May every year, but when exactly depends on the weather and temperatures. They bloom at several locations at different times due to the difference in altitude.

Narcissi Fields at Les Pléiades above Vevey

At Les Pléiades above Vevey, you will be able to do a round loop hike that will take you around the flower fields. You can go up by train, or park your car at the parking in Lally. Due to the short blooming, it can get a bit busy so it is best to take the train to avoid the deception of not finding a parking spot. The train ride offers you beautiful views over Lac Léman, the Alps, and lets you spot your first Narcissi on the way up!

We got off the train at Lally, and started our hike from there. You can also go up to the last stop at Les Pléiades and start your hike there.

View from Lally Pléiades
View on the mountains from Lally

From Lally, the first part of the hike was on a wooden pathway. The hike is suitable for families, but not for strollers. A part of the hike has a steep climb (200m elevation gain).

Narcissi Montreux Riviera

The flower fields really are an amazing sight and it is one of the highlights of the region in Spring. Highly recommended to do this hike at least once!

Map of the Narcissi fields hike

Here is our map of the Narcissi Fields Hike at Les Pléiades. You can click here for an interactive version of our map.

Where to eat at Les Pléiades

We had lunch in Restaurant le 1209 in Lally before we started our hike. You can easily reach the restaurant from the small train station and this is also where the parking is for those who prefer to come by car. The restaurant has a beautiful terrace with a view and serves very nice seasonal and regional dishes. What we liked is that the dishes contained local flowers and herbs. For more information, check out their website here. There is another restaurant on top at Les Pléiades, and a small Café-Restaurant about half way along the hike.

How to get to the Narcissi fields at Les Pléiades

By train: it is easy to reach Les Pléiades. The MOB regional train leaves from Vevey and takes you up. If you would like to stop earlier, like we did at Lally, you have to request that stop with the button in the train. Also, it is best to sit in the first part of the train as the stations are so small that you may not be able to exit from the second wagon.

By car: you can park at Lally, which is the start of this hike. It can get busy, so we would recommend you to go by train instead.

Where else can I see Narcissi Fields?

There are several locations above the Montreux Riviera region to see Narcissi Fields, like in Les Avants, Glion, Caux and Mont Pélerin. To see whether they are blooming, you could check information here, and also follow the social media channels and website of the Montreux Riviera region: Montreux Riviera

Our trip to Les Pléiades was hosted, our reviews and opinions are our own. 

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