Books and cool stuff

Because preparing for a trip is already half the fun! On this page you will be able to find good reads for kids, travel journals and fun maps:

Stuff in general:

Scratch off map

This is fun for the whole family! You can hang this map at your home and scratch off the destinations you have visited after every trip!

scratch off map

Travel journals:

We have used this Travel Journal for our children during our trip to Thailand. They have written, drew and glued a lot of stuff in it and it has different questions on every page to help them tell their travels in case they lack of inspiration. Our children now cherish their travel journal as it documents their wonderful experience and we often still look at it.

English:                                                 French (the one we used):

Journal English                                          Journal francais


And the fun begins!

We prepared our trip to New York with this cool stuff:

New York maps:

NY pop out map            NY childrens map             NY customizable map

pop-out pocket map           children’s map          NY customizable map


Children’s guide to New York with cool stuff and fun facts (French version):

New York explique aux kids

and English version:

NY city trails




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