Ferpècle hike – out of this world landscape in the Valais

Ferpècle hike Valais Switzerland
Ferpècle landscape

Ferpècle, Val d’Herens, Valais

A stunningly beautiful glacier landscape in the Valais region in Switzerland. Ferpècle is located in the Val d’Herens near Evolène and Arolla. It is said to be a bit of a hidden gem in the Valais, and we do agree, as we don’t hear much about this lunar landscape that often. Since we were near Ferpècle on a weekend when hiking towards the much more known Lac Bleu near Arolla, we decided to do the short Ferpècle hike on the next day. What an extraordinary place!

Alluvial site at the foot of two glaciers

Ferpècle is an important alluvial site of national importance at the foot of the Mont Miné and Ferpècle glaciers, at 2000m. At the site, you will see different ponds, water streams, sand and beautiful rocks. You will find yourself at the foot of these impressive glaciers with views on the Dent Blanche mountain. Local legends say that the area of Ferpècle has therapeutic energy resources.

Ferpècle Hike details and map

The hike to Ferpècle and the foot of the Ferpècle and Mont Miné glaciers starts at the Ferpècle Dam. The sign is well indicated and the hike is relatively flat and short. The path takes you along a stream of water which comes directly from the glacier. The hike is suitable for all levels and also for families with children.

You can click on below map for an interactive version in Komoot:

Ferpècle hiking map

Alternative hike with more elevation gain

At the start of the hike, you will see another hike sign indicating to the left to get to the ‘Cabane de Bricola’. This hike has a lot more elevation gain and will take you about 3,5 hours to get there. You cannot sleep at the Cabane de Bricola.

How to get to Ferpècle

We went to Ferpècle by car from the hamlet ‘Les Haudères’ and added the following in our Google maps to get there: ‘Ferpècle Swiss Tracking’. That is exactly where we parked our car as we were advised to do so by the helpful staff in the hotel we stayed at. There are a few more of these small parking lots at the end of the Ferpècle road. The road towards Ferpècle is a bit narrow for the last 10 minutes of the trip.

Ferpècle by public transport: Postauto Bus B 383 goes up to Ferpècle from Sion or closer by Les Haudères. We saw a bus stop, but not the bus. It may run more frequently in high season.

Which season is best for Ferpècle?

The Ferpècle hike can be done from spring to autumn, but is not accessible in winter due to snow. We did our hike in the beginning of autumn, but just a bit too early to enjoy the yellow larch trees known in this region.

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