Bike ride through Geneva’s vineyards!

A beautiful bike ride through the vineyards in Geneva and along the Allondon river in Geneva’s countryside. Detailed bike trail including a map!

Satigny, Choully, Malval, Les Baillets, Satigny

If you would like to escape the city of Geneva for a bit and enjoy some nice countryside views, then this article is for you! We have pre-tested a nice bike ride in Geneva’s vineyards, in Satigny, in the countryside, and we will share all details, including a map!

Going for a bike ride through Geneva’s vineyards can be super easy, as the train takes you from Geneva Cornavin station to Satigny in little less than 15 minutes. You can either take your own bike on the train with you, or rent a bike right at Satigny train station through the Donkey Republic App. There are 6 rental bikes at the train station in Satigny: 4 normal bikes and 2 electric bikes. Now, there will of course be some uphill involved in this route. We even go uphill straight away, as that is where the beautiful views are! 

I did our suggested route with my own e-bike.

Details on this tour:

Kilometers: 15 kilometers

Biking time with my e-bike: 45 minutes, but lots of possibilities to stop on the way!

Elevation gain: 190 meters


You can open below map in Komoot to see it interactively, and see where the photos where taken.

Departure from Satigny train station

The bike ride starts with the uphill part. Leave Satigny train station by going on the cycle path which starts to your right, and drive up the ‘Route de la Gare de Satigny’ in direction of the ‘Route du Mandement’. Once up, follow the cycle path to the right passing by the first vineyards. 

At a small cross section, and if you are interested in seeing Street Art, you can turn right, cross the train tracks, and continue until you come to a small bridge over a canal. Peek down, or, even just climb down the ladder you see to admire some of the art works.

Then, go back to the cross section, and continue the road until you get to a roundabout.

Choully, a village in the vineyards

Once you get to the roundabout, take a left to go up to Bourdigny. You will see a sign that says: ‘Route du Vignoble’. Once up, follow the road and then turn left right where you see the cute building in the vineyards like in the first photo of Choully. Pass by that building and continue the bike ride in the vineyards, and then turn left. You are now in Choully. Admire the vineyards and already the views over Geneva. Continue onwards through the little center of Choully, until you get to an old water tower. Just passed this tower, on your right hand side, there are spots for a picnic. 

There also is a restaurant in Choully, called l’Auberge de Choully. They have a large terrace at the back for sunny days.

There are plenty of water fountains along the way where you could fill up your water bottle.


From Choully, we will continue our bike ride in Geneva’s vineyards in the direction of Peissy. In Peissy, you will pass a façade of a church, with only the façade still standing, and lovely wineries. 

Malval and the Allondon river

When you get out of Peissy, you will arrive at a cross section, to the left is back to Satigny, to the right is in the direction of Malval. I took a right, because Malval and the Allondon valley is just such a beautiful part of Geneva! The road will lead you into the forest, and down towards the river. You will pass the Restaurant Les Granges, which has a beautiful terrace in summer. You can stop to walk along the river, or even go into the water in warm summer days (I will not say swim, because it’s not very deep, but refreshing anyway). If you continue to follow the road, you will again get to a cross section. I took a left there to get back to Satigny. 

(In case you would like to stop for a nice hike, if you go straight on instead of to the left, you will reach one of the hikes described in our Family Hikes around Geneva article, the Roulave hike).

Now, since you went down to the river, this is the part where you must climb up again, in the direction of ‘Les Baillets’. Pass ‘Les Baillets’ and la Chaumaz. In case the climb made you thirsty, there is again a terrace in La Chaumaz. 

Back to Satigny

Bike ride Geneva vineyards. Biking in the countryside of Geneva

From here, just follow the road down in direction of Satigny, until you get to the main road between Satigny and Russin. Take a left, and then a right at the first opportunity, so that you will not be cycling along a busy road. 

This road to the right will get you crossing the train tracks, and reach a part where you will have a view on the Rhone river and the Verbois dam. Then, turn left down, follow the road until you get through a tunnel and take a right, which will lead you back to Satigny train station to complete this loop bike ride!

How to get to Satigny from Geneva

From Geneva, you take the Leman Express line in the direction of La Plaine. 

You can bring your on bike on the train in Switzerland, but space is limited. There often is a bike sign on the doors of the train where you will find space to park your bike in the train. You will have to get a half price train ticket for the transport of your bike. 

How to rent a bike in Satigny

Bike rental in Satigny
Bike rental at the train station

Bike rental in Satigny is available through the Donkey Republic app. You should download the app in advance and allow the Bluetooth connection to lock and unlock the bike in case you choose an e-bike. The rental cost is per hour, with the first hour for free. The price looks reasonable, under CHF 10 for 2 hours of e-bike. 

Make sure you bring your own helmet, a water bottle, and maybe some snacks for on the road.

Did you try this bike ride in the vineyards in Geneva? We would love to hear what you think of it, and feel free to tag us in your Instagram stories, we would be happy to see that. 

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