Furka pass Road Trip, Switzerland

The Furka Pass is one of Switzerland’s highest, and most beautiful mountain passes. The highest point of this scenic road is at 2436m above sea level and marks the border between the two Swiss Cantons Uri and Valais. A Furka pass road trip over these winding mountain roads is a must-do in Switzerland. It can be done from approximately June to October. 

Travelling on the highway can be quite boring. If you choose to go over the Swiss mountain passes, you get to see so much beauty that the trip itself is already worth it! ‘Travel is about the journey, not the destination’, a famous travel quote which is definitely true for Swiss mountain passes! Take your time for this trip; we wanted to stop at so many places to take photos!

We did our Furka pass road trip in summer, when driving back to Geneva from our holiday in Flims, Graubünden. The Furka Pass is close to other Swiss scenic mountain roads, so depending from where you start, you may have it combined with the Susten Pass, Oberalp Pass or the Grimsel Pass. 

The Furkapass starts in Andermatt, and finishes in Gletsch in the region Obergoms in the Valais, or the other way around of course.

Realp and Tiefenbach

From Andermatt you will first pass the village Realp with its cute Hotel Post. From here on the ascension on the road full of hairpin bends will start. Quickly after Realp, you will get to the very small village Tiefenbach, with literally only a handful of houses, a Hotel with a restaurant, and a small alpine chapel.

Highest point of Furka pass

On the highest point of the Furka Pass, you will be able to see the sign marking the border between the Canton Uri and the Canton Valais. You will also find one of the photo spots of the Grand Tour of Switzerland here, so don’t miss that photo opportunity! The views are nothing less than amazing. 

James Bond on the Furka pass

The next stop on your road trip is Hotel Belvédère which gained fame as a James Bond film location in ‘Goldfinger’. Hotel Belvédère is located right on a hairpin bend. In high season, it can get quite busy at this spot, so if you would like the perfect picture as you see them on Instagram, come early, or late… As you can see in our photos, when we were there in the middle of the day, it was quite busy.

Across the curve of Hotel Belvédère, you will see the view on the Rhone Glacier. On site there is a small souvenir shop, and an entrance to visit the Rhone Glacier Grotto. 

Canton Valais, a steam train and the Postbus

The beautiful road then takes you into the Canton Valais, or Wallis, to the town Gletsch. Along the road trip on the Furkapass, you may have seen the beautiful old steam train. This is a nice alternative to visit the Furkapass in summer. 

More information on the 18-km trip on the Furka Steam Train: https://www.dfb.ch/index.php?id=986&L=3

The Swiss Post Bus also goes on the Furka Pass, but do check the time tables in case you decide to leave your car, hike a bit, and take a Postbus back. We took hitchhikers back to their car, who found out the bus was not due to come for a few more hours…

Goms bridge in Valais

Quickly after arriving in the Canton Valais, you will pass the Goms bridge linking the villages Fürgangen and Mühlebach. Make sure you stop to see and cross this impressive bridge of 280 meters long over the Rhone river. The bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the Valais, and it wiggles when you cross it. The Goms bridge is open all year round. 

If you would like to make your Swiss road trip longer and enjoy the highlights on the way there are many more opportunities that open up to you from here. Close by, you could for example go and see the Great Aletsch Glacier, either by going up to Bettmeralp, or, by visiting Blatten bei Naters and its beautiful Belalp mountain.

Before you start your road trip, you can check if the Furka Pass is open here.

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