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Treat your loved ones with some great local gifts while you support local businesses!

The end of the year is around the corner, and what a year it was… More than ever, it is important to show your loved ones that you think of them, whether you will be able to see them, or whether you will celebrate Christmas and New Year miles apart from each other.

We all have been affected by this crisis this year. The second lockdown has caused loads of online shopping in many countries. To show our love to the small business owners, who are trying to compete with all the big websites, here is a thought for you: why not support the small local businesses by buying their beautiful products online? Not only will you have a more original gift, but you will also have helped one of the many small local businesses!

Your Swiss Local Shopping Guide!


Maison Kassatay – Moroccan gluten free Macaroons

Did we already have you at Macaroon? I know I was feeling all excited when I found out about these homemade Moroccan Macaroons! They are called Ghribas, and Maison Kassatay makes these delicious gluten free Macaroons which are a treat for the eye, and for your tastebuds! Maison Kassatay is located in Geneva but can send her macaroons in beautiful gift boxes all over Switzerland. The macaroons can be kept in the fridge for 3 weeks, but honestly, who will be able to resist for that long? So treat your favorite Sweet Tooth with one of these gift boxes, to enjoy with tea, coffee, or, why not, champagne. It is the festive season after all, isn’t it? Online shop of Maison Kassatay:

Smiqql – Funky Flaky Salts to spice up your Christmas dinner!

Another good gift idea for Food Lovers! Smiqql is a very new company that sells Flaky Salts, or ‘sprinkles of joy’ as they call it! We can see why, because the colours of the products and the packaging certainly look joyful! You can add these delicately crunchy salt flakes that come in many different flavours to your favorite recipes! Check out their beautiful Gift Boxes on:

L’Atelier du Fromage: Hidden treasures of Swiss cheese delivered at Home!

Apero Box by L’Atelier du Fromage

L’Atelier du Fromage would like to share some of Switzerland’s best artisanal cheeses with you! They have monthly cheese boxes by subscription, which would make you travel across Switzerland, but you could also just order a box once to try it out. Their latest box is the ‘Apéro Box’ and we like the sound of that! They are always unique, and pairing cheese, wine and a salty snack from one of Switzerland’s Cantons. Check out these boxes, as a gift to send to someone, or as a gift to yourself: L’Atelier du Fromage

The Small Batch Project – Hop on a chocolate journey at Home!

A perfect gift for someone who loves chocolate! The Small Batch Project brings you chocolate from all over the world from producers who use single-origin cocoa, and who produce in small batches only. You can shop these lesser known chocolate bars in their online shop, order a gift box, or sign up for a chocolate subscription! With this subscription you could soon claim to be real chocolate connoisseur, because each carefully selected bar of chocolate comes with a note about the chocolate maker and the used cocoa beans. Their website:

Federation of Malted Republics – FMR – Locally crafted beers

The Federation of Malted Republics (or FMR) is a small brewery in Rolle! The company is founded by two friends, who brew with humor, passion and natural raw materials. They have a special gift box for Christmas for you to order for your favorite Beer Lover! You can either pick up your order at the brewery in Rolle, at one of their Ambassadors, or, they ship the bottles all over Switzerland from a minimum of 6 bottles. Check out their webshop here:

Seed & Root Delicatesses – Granola and more!

Granola love! For those in Home Office, it can be a part of a good and healthy morning routine to make a nice granola for breakfast. At Seed & Root they call themselves ‘Hunters of Delicacies’. They sell ready homemade gourmet granolas, or any ingredients separately to make your own at home. They also have a nice selection of fine products like honey, herbs and spices. Their beautiful e-shop:


Swiss Family Travel– Beautiful Switzerland in an envelope!

Kristin is a photographer, and we are more than once in awe of her beautiful Swiss shots! She has started her own online shop of Swiss themed greeting cards and prints. Ordering her cards to accompany your gift to those far away, or gifting a set of cards to someone, will immediately transport them to Switzerland! Wait no longer, and check out her online shop on:

Deer and Sparrow – Grüezi and a post-able hug for your family’s Christmas Tree!

If you will be far away from your family this Christmas, Deer and Sparrow has come up with a great idea for you to somehow still be present and still add to your family’s Christmas tree decorating! Greeting cards, which are easy to post to your family, and which contain a beautiful Christmas tree ornament for them to keep! The ‘Snow-hugs-allowed’ card and ornament, is a cute post-able hug to send some love to those missing you, and the Grüezi tree decoration will definitely bring a bit of Switzerland into their homes! Send your family and friends some love in an envelope with these ideas from Deer and Sparrow! Check out their Etsy Shop:  Deer and Sparrow

Ma Love – Swiss Interior Design, gifts and souvenirs

Malin loves Switzerland! She had spent 12 years here, living in 4 different cantons when she started her Swiss Interior Design Company, based in Lausanne. In Ma Love she combines her passions – Homefurnishings, travelling, mountains and her work for a better planet. The products are designed using Malin’s own photographs of her travels around Switzerland! Check out their Swiss Souvenir gift range of trays, coasters, chopping boards, cushions, plaids, tea towels and much more:


Lovely Sheep Boutique – Comfy Merino Wool thermal clothing to enjoy the outdoors!

Let’s get comfortable! It doesn’t look like we will be enjoying many indoor places this winter, unless it is the comfort of your own home. Going outside is good for your body and your soul though, so dress warmly and go outside to explore your local surroundings! Lovely Sheep Boutique has beautiful quality, natural Merino Wool clothing for the whole family. The shop is inspired by the Swiss way of life! Comfort, quality and practicality for outdoor activities all year round. Check out their lovely thermal clothing on:

Wooper- Jewellery made from Swiss Wood, Inspired by Travel and Nature!

Oh we love this! Beautifully designed wooden jewellery inspired by nature and travels. There are earrings, bracelets and necklaces in a lot of different designs. The Valais based designer obviously cares about the planet and nature and uses sustainable products for his creations.  All the jewellery is made of local Swiss, recycled wood, so no tree is cut specifically to make these products. The bracelets are made from recycled PET plastic. And there’s more, for every item sold, Wooper donates to the Summit Foundation in Vevey! More information on:

Cura, eco-conscious jewellery designed in Switzerland

Cura’s colorful collection is made piece by piece by hand in Switzerland. Cura is a brand that uses recycled plastic, and gold or silver, to create unique and lightweight jewellery. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is the philosophy of this brand which they apply from the sourcing of the materials, to the packing. Their website:

Xquisit Design – Sustainable Fashion

This Smart Casual fashion designer with a love for nature makes all her clothes out of natural and plastic free materials. She also supervises the whole supply chain and makes sure that the people who work on her clothes have good labor conditions! A local ‘feel good’ fashion brand for all occasions! The bath robes are handwoven and the sweatshirt is made of 100% organic cotton. More information and other products (in German):

NUME-Lab – Swiss Skin care products

NUME-Lab is a new company, founded in February 2020 by a Neuchatel couple who were reviewing their bathrooms’ skin care stash full of products that were not fulfilling their needs! NUME-Lab is a Swiss brand that merges the secrets of the nature with the innovative Swiss biotechnology. Their products are both for men and women, and are developed and produced in Switzerland using clean ingredients. Check out this new skincare brand:


Loubiblu – No scissors, no glue, no fuss craft kits!

It’s aimed at little people, but since these beautiful craft kits, available in plenty of different themes, are to make without scissors, glue, or fuss, it actually also is a gift for the parents! No mess, no need to look up loads of crafts on the internet, all is there, in these cute ready-made kits! So while you are preparing for Christmas, your little ones can have fun decorating the house with these cute kits! Loubiblu’s webshop:

Karin & Me – Online Shop for Progressive Parents

Karin & Me sells items for kids to make them more confident and resilient. From quiet books for toddlers, to anti-stress kits for teens and pre-teens to encourage them to pause, focus on themselves for a few minutes, and combat anxiety and stress. It is important to look after our Mental Health this year, and even more so in the age of teenagers. Karin & Me webshop:

Gifts for Pets – pamper your four legged friends!

Why would gifts only go to human beings, right? If you are looking for a gift for your beloved pet, then make sure to check out ! They have special Christmas gift boxes for dogs and for cats!

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