Stay at Home Organizing

In many parts of the world people are stuck in their homes. This is very important to flatten the curve in order to protect everyone, and ourselves. So #Stayathome, but while you do, this page will be filled with resources that could inspire you!

Home Organizing

When you are stuck at home, you may have some time to finally re-organize your precious space! And even when you don’t have a lot of time, because you are telecommuting and homeschooling your children at the same time, it could still be a good idea to create well organized spaces so that everyone can find what they are looking for, and will be able to concentrate on their work.

We’ve teamed up with two Home Organizers, Home in Balance, and Simply Serene. Home in Balance will show you how to organize your kids’ school desk, and Simply Serene will briefly show you how you can fold your clothes.

How to Organize your Kids’ school desk at home:

Please check out Home in Balance on Instagram: @homeinbalance

Home in Balance also organizes personal virtual organizing sessions, so if you have other spaces in your home to organize, she can help you!

How to fold your clothes to organize your cupboards!

For those with a bit of extra time at hand, Simply Serene shows us a way to fold and organize our clothes!

Make sure you check out Simply Serene on Instagram to get more ideas for a serene home: @simplyserenezurich

More videos on other subjects will be added soon, please check out our main Stay at Home Page

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