Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval

Have you ever looked at travel lists on the internet? Top 10 must see places, top 100 of places to see in your life, most extraordinary places in the world?

Well, there is one that I visited, twice!

It is the ‘Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval’ and it is located in Hauterives in the Drome area in the South of France.

Palais ideal

Facteur Cheval was a postman. He actually never left his town and never went on holiday. But he did create a palace, in his backyard, inspired by travels around the world! The result is absolutely amazing, as well as his story. Facteur Cheval was in fact inspired by other people that travelled and learned about the entire world by the postcards and magazines he delivered to people’s mailboxes. A Swiss Chalet, an Indian Palace. He saw all the images and was able to re-create them in his backyard with the stones he picked up during his daily post round in the area.

The result of 33 years of building is incredible!

He was considered an idiot by his neighbours and he was laughed at. But now, years later, Facteur Cheval is booming business to a small town in the Drome. They are currently even making a movie about him with French actors Jacques Gamblin and Laetitia Casta, who will be playing the role of Ms Cheval!

To see it is to believe it. I don’t think I realized how big this construction was until I first got there. Back then, we were a couple without kids, and years later we decided to take them there. There are stairs to get on top of the building, pass ways to get inside and benches around the construction to contemplate the work of art.

It is quite amazing because we travel to create memories and to learn things, but in the end, Facteur Cheval never went anywhere but was already a world traveler back in 1912 when he finished his piece of art.

Facteur Cheval teaches you and your children a lot of things.

  1. Dream Big
  2. Believe in yourself! Even when others don’t.
  3. The world has a lot of extraordinary places, if you can’t visit them, imagine them!




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