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Keeping busy during the Covid Crisis while you Stay At Home

In many parts of the world people are stuck in their homes, again, even though the second confinement in many places seems different than the first one. So #Stayathome, but while you do, this page will be filled with resources that could inspire you!

It is not easy to be in isolation, and we have seen many, many resources on staying fit, staying creative, while telecommuting, and maybe even learning a few new skills, both for adults and children! We have asked people around us to create some short videos, or some tutorials on various categories! At the end of each video you can see where you could go to find out more on the subject. Take advantage! And do contact us if you yourself have something to share or teach all of us something during this difficult and stressful times. So Let’s Explore our homes, and Let’s Explore our skills together!

You can check out the videos by clicking on the categories below:



This special Stay At Home Page will be up temporarily, for as long as the crisis lasts. We all hope to be exploring the outdoors again soon, and depending on your country’s restrictions, you may still enjoy beautiful nature.

Sharing is caring! Feel free to share any of the categories on Facebook, and feel free to tag us in your stories on Instagram if you are doing any of these activities!

Stay healthy, and stay safe!

From Switzerland with love,

Let’s Explore

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