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Stand up paddle

Stand up paddling in Geneva

Stand up paddling is a great activity for the entire family. Small kids can already sit in front of the board (with a life jacket) when one of their parents is paddling and bigger children can also easily learn how to do it.

We have two paddle boards of our own, a bigger one and a kid board for our eldest son, but they can also be rented in several places, on holiday, or close to home.

When you are based in Geneva, like we are, there are plenty of good locations for paddling.

Let me describe the ones we have tested so far, and then all you have to do is get on a board and try for yourself!

Plage de Mies, paddling on the lake


We like going to the Plage de Mies for paddling as there are often a lot of paddling families out there. You cannot rent one here, so this is a good location when you already have your own paddling board. On the Plage de Mies, a public grill is available and it’s on gas so very easy to include some BBQ for your day on this beach. Otherwise, of course, you can bring your pick nick. There is also a nice restaurant close by called la Buvette de la Plage.

Public toilets are available, and there is a small parking lot. Water shoes are convenient here as the beach has small stones, so sensitive feet beware.

First time we went paddling here this season was in April 2018, the lake was still a bit chilly but that didn’t spoil our fun!

Peney, paddling on the Rhone


Stand up paddle on the Rhone river at Peney

Well-known spot for paddlers on the Rhone river. This is the part where there is not so much current. You can park on the small parking lot on your right just after passing the restaurant Café de Peney when you are coming from the direction of Satigny. If you’re looking for some refreshments later, the Café de Peney has a terrace, and on some days with good weather they also sell ice-cream.

Do you want to try out stand up paddling but you don’t have your own board yet? At this location in Peney LaSauceSup Eliquid organizes a tour on the Rhone river every Wednesday for all levels of paddlers. So whether you are already experienced, or a beginner, it doesn’t matter! The first time you join the tour, they offer it for free and if you like it, they ask you CHF 10,00 for the next tours you join in on. If you don’t have a paddle, they can rent you a board but you will have to let them know in advance. You can also contact them directly if you are really looking to just test paddling, without it being a tour. More info on the tour on the Rhone river:

As for us, we will test more paddling locations soon, so stay tuned!

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